I blame One Direction for this

Hello! I'm quite taken by your personality. In its own unusual, cute way. I think I like the lack of self esteem, you aren't in any way self-obsessed which is such a reoccurring personality pattern in girls/women today. I am also intrigued by your book-addicted lifestyle, it shows that you're less about clubbing and more about expanding your knowledge. I'm not sure what you will make of my appearance or the fact that I don't read anything that isn't a magazine.. Or that I'm 21 and look 17 😂 but I figured it was worth a shot and that I would probably regret not making the effort. I'm Dan, and I look forward to learning a hell of a lot more about you, providing you're interested in doing so. :)

Don’t you DARE say I’m not self-obsessed. Also I like clubbing, and my self-esteem is healthy bordering on monomaniacal, thank you very much. Don’t listen to these guys.


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