Guys. Don’t do this. It’s gross.


Wow, you are like the perfect mix between cute and sexy :) Makes me wanna do you hard pressed against the wall en then lie on bed cuddling and run slowly through your hair with my fingers :)

I will not compliment you...your beauty speaks for itself. Haha sorry I could not resist. I am very curious about you though. You state you like cute boys...what about cut men? And by that I mean a real man...someone who will ravish you at the first opportunity. Someone who will hold you in his big string arms and seduce you with his eyes before doing it with his body.xx

Bake me a nice cake I'll have it for desert before i get onto the main desert fucking your brains outHello, I want to pull your panties to the side and lick your pussyMy god you are stunning babe. I need you here with my head between your legs licking ur clit fast getting ur juices going before I get you bent over fucking u hard with my 9 inches pulling ur hair back as I kiss your neck softly. Have I just crossed the line :| :| :| couldn't help myself wow you are just amazing xx

Detailing your sexual fantasies in an opening message is NOT AS SEXY AS YOU THINK IT IS.


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