date stories


Hello there, How's this site been treating you so far and do you have any funny dating stories to share?

Dude, you have no idea.


In the interests of fairness

A (non-exhaustive) list of stupid things I have done on dates:

  • Pretended to have seen the film Labyrinth for the duration of a long conversation about the film Labyrinth. Said “it has a really distinctive aesthetic” many many times.
  • Greeted him with the words “You’re wearing a cardigan!”
  • Drank an ill-advised number of tequila shots with a girl I made friends with at the bar whilst supposed to be getting a round in for my date. Fuelled by too much alcohol, ended up showing off some very regrettable dance moves. It wasn’t the kind of bar where people danced. 
  • Mentioned on the first date that I’d already facebook-stalked him and identified three mutual friends, who I went on to name. Two of them were his exes.
  • Cried. Because of a difference of opinion about the telecommunications industry.
  • Cried because I’d recently been to Hull.
  • Having googled him beforehand and come across his blog, on the first date I started a heated argument about a post he’d written years previously and barely remembered.